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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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come on to this campus last night dressed in a bright orange vest and a hard hat red construction helmet and place these racist flyers around campus? that is a central question of a lot of the students you talk to here tonight, and they have very pointed questions for both police and campus administration. we want to show right now. we received this a short time ago. this is the latest evidence that university provided to us of the person they say is not a person of interest. this is the suspect. this is the person say they say did this here at american university. you can it for yourself. that is at the flyer, let's get back to the village you see the yellow vest. you see the camouflage pants, you will see that red h
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that is the crucial thing police want people to take a look at that security video. are we seeing it? we're not. we'll show it to you on but that is where they want you to go this evening. we should also tell you the parameters of how this happened. when this happened, was last night. during a campus event where they were unveiling the new anti-racist unit here at the university. why is that important? well, they will tell you they do not think that this was an accident. they think that this happened specifically because they were having that incident last night where they were explaining this new program to fight racism at american university. we spoke with the professor of that program and the new university president a short time ago >> this is the latest attempt on this campus to frighten our community as groups are trying to frighten other communities around this cou
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that on campus that we actually have a suspect. not a person of interest. a suspect. and for all of those who actually are watching and listening, we would ask that you view the videos. >> reporter: that's professional kendi and the new university president. this afternoon, students and staff packed a campus chapel here at american university for what was an emotional town hall. there was outrage in that room there was solidarity and there were also a few tearses shed in the midst of all of that discussion. these flyers, racist confederate flyers, they were found not just at one building here on campus, this suspect put these up at several locations throughout this campus. now, we're also told from police sources that the ward's dc counter resistance and the logo of that group were printed on these flyers as itta
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now though, students here, they have very hard questions for this university staff. they pressed for answers, not just words, they want action, and they're demanding more security on this campus in the face of these attacks. >> the fact we had nooses and not one public safety officer saw someone sent stop them is a problem and we did an unknown man walk on to campus last night at 10:00 covered up pretending to be someone and wasn't stopped by a single public safety officer. i believe that's a huge problem. >> 6 percent are black students, 14% of the faculty is black, that's not diverse. >> keep in mind when you look at this image, a key point professor pointed out not only was this image posted on the campus, this area here was a flyer for a jewish studies program that was taking p
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the american university campus. of we spoke to the anti-defamation league they have been tracking neo nass see which has been targeting campuses, they need help on this, if somebody knows who was involved in this, a phone call could go a long way toward making an arrest. live in northwest tonight. tom fitzgerald. fox 5 local news. 17 i days after a mysterious fire in bethesda police released the name of a man in the basement, 20-year-old kafra of silver spring, a friend escaped the fire, paul wagner in bethesda with more on this. paul? >> reporter: we're learning a lot more about this mysterious here on dan berry road. they have dumpsters here outside the house. we know the police over here continuing to watch the house,
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another dumpster over here and of course, now we know the victim. the 21-year-old from silver spring. i talked to his parents, they told me they knew he was here they say he's a friend of daniel beck with who montgomery county police confirmed on the record is the man who escaped this fire. according to the parents, they knew he was here because he had sent a text message but they never filed a missing persons report. in the doorway of their home in silver spring, the parents of skia, kafra declined an on camera interview but provided some information of their son, he was entrepreneur running his own company, an rotc at kennedy high school and graduated from north wood. their son was friend with daniel beck with the man who escaped the fire but declined to say how they came to know each other.
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suspicious of what happened inside the basement of this home. so far, the medical examiner not ruled his death a homicide. assistant fire chief said beck with has so far been cooperative in their investigation and helping to identify some of the materials investigators have found inside the house. >> there was a lot of material in the house, so there were some chemicals in there and were sending them off to the maryland state lab to find out what they are, because sometimes people repurpose can in his teres >> the cause of the fire still not been determined. investigators say there's a lot of quote stuff inside the house, and according two sources, familiar with the investigation, a bunker or what one described as a series of tunnels. since the fire, fox 5 repeatedly attempted to reach daniel beck with without success. now, again, just a few minutes ago, montgomery county police confirm on the
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identity of daniel beck with, fox 5 revealed his name monday with a full story saying we had yet to make contact and still we have not been able to make contact 17 days later. also new is that same assistant fire chief you saw in the story today called what happened here a crime scene. that's the first we've heard of that. live in bethesda paul wagner fox 5 local news. the reward doubled but still no sign of a missing 19-year-old who graduated from high school here in our area >> it's been nine days since ashanti billie's car was seen coming and going from a virginia maryland base where she worked. days later, an abandoned car was found and cell phone found in the dumpster, matt ackland following this story for at his. >> reporter: ashanti's employer matched fbi's reward of $10,000 and now stand at 20,000, earlier i spoke with a family representative in virginia beach, who told me a search is being planned for tomorrow, meanwhile, here in our area, friends are plannin
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to take place this sunday. >> as the search continues in the virginia beach area, back here at home. many people are holding out hope she'll be found soon including her former assistant principal >> if you knew her you liked her >> ashanti graduated from wise high school in 2016 a member of the dance team, and described as a very out going person, in recent days, he's heard from many of her fellow classmates. some of those friends plan to hold a gathering this sunday to keep the focus on bringing ashanti home. >> graduating class members reached out saying, you know, where social media -- wanted to know what they could do to try to help the family or help in the process and so she had a lot of friends. >> reporter: the fbi released this video of ashanti's car coming and going from a gate at a military a base on september
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days later, her car was found abandoned 12 miles away and her cell phone was found at another location. tossed in a trash dumpster >> we're praying and trying to remain optimistic. >> reporter: once again here is the flyer from that gathering to take place sunday 7:30, it will take place at wise high school. we'll definitely have that covered amount of money we did speak to the fbi today. of they said nothing new to report, but the family is asking for another piece of video from another gate ashanti passed through that morning. but the fbi has not released that video yet. back to you in the studio. we're following breaking news out of miami florida. three people are dead after a television tower collapsed. the victims were working to repair the tower and were hired by the fox affiliate wsvn, local media reports the victims were working on scaffolding when it collapsed knocking over the tower. the tower transmi
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another. a painter was electrocuted today in alexandria. the painter was moving a tall metal ladder when he came with a high voltage line. taken to hospital and died. dc are looking foreman accused of stabbing and killing a woman in southeast on 30 and street, the woman unconscious when they arrived, she also died at the hospital. we have an update now on that local massage therapist accused of sexual assaulting two clients. one of the victims filed a lawsuit. the 20-year-old said the therapist performed a sex act on her without her consent. she said she's filing the suit against massage envy to make sure there are no future victims and the company implements proper screening and training of its employees. it's currently being held without bond. major break
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30-year-old cold case, virginia woman is behind bars accused of killing her husband's first wife but it's what she was wearing during the alleged murder that has lot of people talking tonight. a group of dc police officers arrives in puerto rico to help clean up from hurricane maria. sue? . hi there, maria is back to hurricane status as of 2:00 today. still has wind of 75, but she's getting out of town. moving away. meanwhile, locally, it's 91 degrees and we're four days away from the start of october. we're going to do something about this heat as well. we'll have a first look at your forecast when fox 5 local news at 5:00 returns. at 5:00 returns.
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fox 5 following reports of a shooting in fairfax county happening on the 8100 block of gate house road in the falls church area. police are asking the public to avoid the area and we do have a crew on the way, we'll share more information with you as we get it. >> as we say in northern virginia the naacp and fairfax county released its own first ever criminal justice report card and more work lies ahead >> while the county received high scores law enforcement's use of force was an area the report found needs improvement. tisha lewis has more. >> reporter: natasha was 37 when she died in police custody february 8, 2015. the
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and deputies was captured on video. there are no charges against the deputies who tasered her, the naacp and fairfax county said this case is just one example highlighting why civilian oversight is needed. >> the two areas are needed most improvement was use ofs for and diversity >> fairfax county university president released the report card and said the county is not immune from factors that led to the riots in baltimore or ferguson, the police chief and sheriff received a c in use of force. and three board supervisors received ds for their positions on the matter. >> 47% of the use of force is applied towards african-americans. and african-americans only make up about 8% of the county >> unfortunately what those cases represent every single one of them for that year is that the person that was under arrest resisted arrest and the officer had to use a level of force to overcome the resistance to effect the
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so basically, what happened first is a police officer gets assaulted then has to use force. >> reporter: law enforcement received a's in minor community outreach and incarceration alternatives. he did rossler suspects next year will be more force >> we're using did he escalation training for all officers to effectively slow the event down and try not to get into situations where we have to use force. we want to preserve the sang at the of all human life and preserve it >> that was tisha lewis reporting there. a group of dc police officers has arrived in puerto rico to help with recovery efforts after hurricane maria devastated the island. dc police tweeted out a picture of their arrival just a short time ago. the officers left the district this morning and many have ties to the u.s. territory. some were trained in puerto rico to be police officers before theyoi
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they say peter newsham is supportive and they're expected to be in puerto rico anywhere from a few days to a week. it's been a week since roared through puerto rico and still hanging around. it was downgraded earlier this week but maria regained her strength. it's now a category 1 hurricane as it churns off north carolina coast. it kicked up the surf and pushed water over both sides of the outer banks as it turns from the atlantic coast. maria has eroded beaches and flooded properties. one of the search for survivors in mexico hope is dimming. nearly a week after the 7.1 magnitude quake shook the country. death toll 337 more than half dieing in mexico city, at least 38 buildings collapsed and rescuers still trying to find anyone who may still be alive in the rubble. search and rescue in the u.s. are helping w
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>> let's take a look outside right now, it is a hot one. i come back to what i thought was supposed to be fall. it's 91 degrees out there right now. of >> october is a couple days why. away. >> you should have delayed your trip two more days, one more even. >> let's see if i can get a flight >> take me with you. remember? ok. >> and sarah and jim you just talked about hurricane maria, it is still a category 1 but i'm happy to tell you that finally that turn begun away from the outer banks, it's about 205 miles northeast of cape hatteras, and the hurricane center at 5:00 said winds of 75, category 1, but they're likely going to drop the warnings for the outer banks later tonight and they've already started to drop them south of cape hats. good sign there, just wanted to show you some of the outer bands have been able to affect a few beaches but none has gotten too much closer than, say, the northern neck of virginia. and the wind gusts are still substantial but
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we don't see anything in the 30's with the exception of virginia beach. gusts to 26 at hatteras island and then you slide your way up the coast. ocean city getting a gust to 28. all of those breezes will be getting better. our breezes will pick up tomorrow. it's still so warm today at 91, that is our current temperature and it feels like 96. good news, the winds of change are heading into town, makeup cooler air will be coming, chicago down to 71 after seven days of record heat and some of that cooler air starts working its way into our region tomorrow. again, it will be a gradual process but probably only top out closer to 80. which is 11 degrees cooler than where we are right now, much more with the seven-day forecast coming up a little bit later. jim and sarah. it's happened again, a metrobus driver assaulted behind the wheel. this woman under arrest. of what she's accused of throwing at that driver straight ahead. a decades old murder case out of florida lands a virginia woman behind bars. and that's just the beginning of the bizarre details
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. a bizarre murder in florida apparently been resolved with the arrest of a woman from virginia >> sheila cane warren is charged with killing her husband's first wife while dressed as a clown, bob barnard reports >> is this a crazy 27-year-old cold case murder story out of south florida that made sensational headlines at the time because the killer was dressed as a clown and shot a woman in the head as she answered her front door. authorities say this is a mug shot taken of she la p warren, she was arrested without incident in washington county virginia, that's in the far southwest corner of the state. she was
5:24 pm
first-degree murder charge late last month and this is the crime scene video from may, 90 in wilmington florida in palm beach county. the sheriff's office there spending the past 27 years looking for the killer who knocked on the door dressed as a clown with balloons and flowers who pulled out a gun fired two shots. marlene warren was shot in the head in front of her teenage son, died two days later. news accounts from the time reported marlene suspected her husband was having an affair. sheila keen was identified as a suspect early in the investigation. but police did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. the case was reopened three years ago, prompting investigators to reinterview witnesses and conduct additional dna testing. turns out the affair the victim's husband was having was with sheila keen who worked for michael warren and later married him. no word whether michael warren will face
5:25 pm
we're told sheila keen warren still in virginia awaiting extradition to florida. this is bob barnard fox 5 local news. coming up, president trump has unveiled his tax reform plan, so what does it mean for you? >> ronica cleary is breaking that down tonight. ronica? >> reporter: we're going to take you through the details that could very well affect your bottom line. coming up. jim >> plus a dc woman under arrest accused of assaulting a metro bus driver, the liquid she's accused of throwing at them. coming up next. coming up next.
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cannibal. back with detain on breaking news out of fairfax county. this is in the 8100 block of gate house road in the falls church area, police are saying there does not appear to be
5:29 pm
threat to the public but evacuating an office building in that block right now for reports of a shooting. there are indications this could have been a suicide inside that building, we just don't know right now. still continuing to try to get details and we'll continue to monitor the developments. still no word on what caused a fire at the ecuadorian consulate in the district. officials say the fire started in the addict and roof before spreading, two firefighters were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. more charges for maryland man suspected of killing a man in annapolis. barn bus offer was charged with first and second degree murder in the shooting death of michael company better and also attempted murder charges for shooting another victim. he barricaded himself and after nearly seven hours taken into custody and police arrested two others in connection with the shooting. they now face burglary and gun charge. marlin state police are offering
5:30 pm
store heist in washington county. two people broke in clear spring gunshot on national pike, got away with 19 handgun, suspects wearing dark clothing and masks, one was carrying a gun. a dc woman is under arrest for allegedly spraying a metro bus driver with a drink. police say allison thomas confronted the driver after he started to pull away from the stop before she found a seat. she was so upset that she got into an argument with the driver then sprayed him with sunny delight from a squeeze bottle. thomas faces charges for assault and resisting arrest. i'm sorry my dad has surgery. what are you doing? >> dramatic video from a southwest flight in baltimore headed to la. a passenger dragged off the plane after she said she had had a life-threatening dog animal, two dogs were on board, the woman told the airline she had to stay because her father was having surgery >> they spent a long time talking to the woman explaining to her
5:31 pm
trying to work with her. even to the point saying she could come out to the jet way and they would bring in their medical consultant, and resolve it. if they could give her this medication before the flight, they would do that. the pilot said they wouldn't leave until they got resolved. >> southwest released statement apologizing to that woman. >> in prince george's county, a dirt bike and two motorcycles seen popping wheelies next to an officer in a marked police cruiser, a woman posted the video on facebook, this happened yesterday afternoon along 95 south past arena drive and looks like one of the bikers is taunting the officer after popping a wheelie. the police cruiser didn't pursue the biker. the department has a policy that only allows to have pursue riders wanted for robbery or other violent crimes. president trump is trying to fulfill another campaign promise. tax reform. today, he unveiled his plan in a indiana and on capitol hill republican leaders are embracing the
5:32 pm
ronica cleary is live on capitol hill with more. ronica? >> reporter: that's right, sarah. you know, today it was really a unified front between republican lawmakers on the hill and the white house. putting forth this new plan for tax reform, the campaign promise that the president made on the trail so many times. let's first take a look at some republican leadership speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell senator mitch mcconnell speaking earlier today on the hill about why they believe tax reform is so important. >> instead of a source of pride, our tax code has become a constant source of frustration. it's too big. it's too complicated. it's too expensive. today, we are taking the next step to liberate americans from our broken tax code. >> to summarize what this is about, is about getting
5:33 pm
going again and growing again. >> reporter: now, the president, he also spoke today, soon after those republican leaders finished in indianapolis, currently there are seven brackets in our tax code, they want to reduce it three, 12, 25 and 35%. they would increase the standard deduction and this would be done to fulfill that campaign promise to fit those taxes on a post card because you would be less likely to need to itemize your deductions and they would end most of those itemize deductions anyway. but they would keep deductions for charitable donation, home opener, retirement planning all of those deductions would remain. and then a more controversial proposal, ending the estate tax, and ending the alternative minimum tax, one other detail they would increase the child tax credit. so how a
5:34 pm
to this plan that republicans are it presenting as a middle class tax break? we spoke with senator chris van holland for his reaction. >> i'm all for supporting middle class tax relief and relief for folks who are working their way to the middle class. of what i do not support is a deficit financed tax cut for millionaires. and even though they're saying that that's not their intention, so far, the math looks like that it's the folks at the very top who will get a wind fall tax break. >> reporter: we know we've just got the highlights for you at this time but when you hear the details of this plan, what do you think? what's your reaction? does it sounds like something that could make your life a little bit a easier? does it sounds like something that could put more in your pocket and that you'd like to see happen. weigh in use that #5at630. i'll be back on 5at630 with what we love to call the pulse of the people.
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ronica cleary fox 5. before we head to indiana president trump talked about healthcare reform speaking to reports outside of the white house, he wants to try a new strategy after republicans failed yet again to repeal and replace the affordable care act. he'll reach out to democrats to find a solution, the president may consider taking executive action that could allow people to buy insurance across state lines. meanwhile another cabinet appears to be in the dog house, he's not happy with tom price under investigation -- he used a private plane at taxpayer's and he knows, reporters asked if he plans to fire price, quote we'll see. price denies he did anything wrong. close call for defense secretary jim mattis arrived in afghanistan this morning, the taliban said its fighters fired off several rockets aimed at mattis's plane. nato secretary accompanied mattis for their trip to cobble. northeasterly was hurt but an
5:36 pm
afgan woman was killed and 11 others were hurt in the rocket attack. afgan's special forces fought back and killed four of the attackers. some political intrigue has a lot talking. involves presidential son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner. public voting records show kushner is registered as a female voter. kushner registered to vote back in 2009 and he apparently checked the box classifying his gender as a female. the democratic opposition group first spotted the error, reporters reached out to the white house, so far no comment >> maryland suing the epa over interstate air politician, it pressures them to apply pollution controls to dozens of power plants in five states, indiana, kentucky, ohio pennsylvania and west virginia. the plan contribute to much of the smog that people in maryland breathe on hot summer days, maryland has been finding the epa on the issue nearly a year. a virginia bar taking a stand about athletes kneeling during the national anthem >> the bar's response creating cont
5:37 pm
>> new details about several cases of the swine flu at local fairs. what we're learning more about those who have fallen ill and the step state health officials are taking to prevent more cases >> jim and sarah hello to you both, welcome back to the heat. you want the fall-like weather, i promise it's coming starting tomorrow. for now, heat index values well into the 90's, feels like 96 in dc. 90 at dulles, 91 in frederick. it's warm again tonight, still need the air conditioning. it's been such a pain the second half of the month. but can take a break from that beginning tomorrow night. much different when it comes to our overnight low temperatures thursday into friday. i'll have a look at that seven-day forecast back after the break. sarah? >> before we head to break, tell about something new from fox 5, a new true crime podcast the mansion murders. the six-part series focuses on the murders of the savopoulos family and their housekeeperer in northwest dc in 2015. fox 5 contributor sarah frazier hosts
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you can hear the sneak peak now download it on i tunes or through the podcast ap.
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update on breaking news, there was a shooting reported a short time ago is this is on gate house road in the falls church area, to give you a point of reference, not too far away from gallo's road, across the way from the me sake district which is a pretty busy area, fox 5 learned that one person is dead as a result. it is believed this could be the result of a suicide but we're reporting this to you because there was a big evacuation ant office building nearby, they did that as a precaution, there were kids at a day care center there, they're being reunited with their parents and to give you another point of reference, this is happening on telestar court which is adjacent to tha
5:42 pm
building off gate house road. if you know anybody whose kids go to day care in that area, the kids are being taken care of at this point. let's switch gears now and appears as though this is summer's last harrah >> hopefully >> hopefully? keep it going >> i get it. people are a little sick of running their air conditioners, get on board with, but yes, it has been quite a run of very warm temperatures up towards 90 again today most of the area, live look outside at the white house, could be the middle of the summer, although the tree tops looking more brown than green, we're in a rain deficit if you can believe it for september. we started off the month pretty soggy, we saw the remnants of both harvey and irma and we had a very wet august, even before that, so we saw a lot of rain and now we can use some. that is still a beautiful shot of this early fall heat as we take a live look at the national mall there have not weather headlines as we get to the evening, still warm, low temperatures in the district down to about 70 byom
5:43 pm
morning, so enjoy one more last gaps of summer, very warm evening tomorrow night going to be a lot, lot cooler. that's because we got a cold front coming through tonight, transitioning tomorrow. one thing you'll notice, a, it's not as hot, b blues tree, we're calling that the winds of change ushering in much cooler air, as temperatures will fall tomorrow, friday and saturday looks pretty cool with reenforcing shot of cold air behind the cold front. beautiful fall weekend. both saturday and sunday do look very, very nice, temperatures outside right now, wow, 91 degrees here in washington, i believe that's the third day this week that we've done it beginning on sunday and we got upper 80's to low 90's just about everywhere. zooming out you see that front's progression made it through the central plains yesterday, across chicago where it's 71, across detroit 75, approaching the ohio valley where it's 88 in columbus, 91 like i said dc, 84 in new york, 84 in boston, very warm. chicago by the way, i believe it was seven straight days of record highs and
5:44 pm
into the 90's all of those days, that was broken today. here's what's left of maria unbelievably, still hurricane spinning about offshore, but maria made its turn off towards the east taking all the wind and the rain and the cloud cover associated with it. going to be an after thought pretty quickly here as maria quickly moves out to sea, because of this cold front that's moving across the ohio valley, moisture starved, a shower or two with it. like we said, a dry september last significant rainfall was the 6th, we have about 3.72 inches by this time but we've only seen less than half of that. into tomorrow, at dry front that's passing by. it will be a sunny afternoon, and breezy at that with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. like i said high temperatures still in the upper 77s to around 80. it's not really until we get to the evening that you'll feel the notice ly cooler change, only in the 40's in the mountains, real coolhe
5:45 pm
tomorrow 72, still nice warm afternoon, but that breeze will make it feel a little bit cooler, it will be nice and sunny later on in the day. let get straight to your accu-weather seven-day forecast. here's the temperatures tailing off breezy and cooler 79, this is compared to the 91 of today. so that is cooler. 74 with that crisp fall feeling in the air by friday and the weekend perfect fall weekend. lows in the 50's, cool to start, nice in the afternoon with a breeze on saturday, and some cloudiness saturday too. but bright sunshine on sunday, 71. temperatures gradually rise as we head back into next week and that seven-day is completely rain-free, dry seven days ahead. that's a look at your forecast, send it back to sarah. major shake-up in the world of college basketball. louisville men's basketball coach rick pitino on leave without pay, the fbi announced ten people facing charges in an alleged bribe reand corruption scheme, four assistant coa
5:46 pm
from other schools, and a top adidas official. they're accused of seaming bribes to influence top athletes choice of schools and agents. speaking of sports, the owner of a sports bar in northern virginia is joining the president in protesting the nfl's take a knee movement. butler is pulling the flood on nfl games at fat tuesday in fairfax county and that's where we find gary mcgrady tonight. gary? >> reporter: that's also where you find rl butler himself, you're in front of fat tuesday's, that us is your bar, how long have you owned fat tuesday's >> 35 years. >> reporter: first time you've done something like this. >> no. >> reporter: first of all, go ahead. >> it's the first time we ever banned the nfl. but nothing like protests like this, no. >> reporter: my next question is telling everybody exactly what you are doing, no more nfl on your televisions in your bar >> i have a daughter in the army, she did have a tour at for a year over in afgh
5:47 pm
and after the football players are doing their protests, i realize this weekend that this is getting to a point where it's pretty serious and also to a point where it's foolish. so after the sunday game and the monday night game, i woke up tuesday morning, thinking, you know, this is wrong. and i started thinking about my daughter and i said well, what would have happened if my daughter comes home would have came unknown a box or a body bag or a wheelchair or something? so i asked my wife, i said, you know, i think we're not going to show the nfl anymore. >>reporter: what did she say >> she said have you thought about the situation with the business? i asked her the question what would you have done if our daughter comes home in a body bag or disabled? at that point, she got on the computer and wrote a flyer that we will no longer be showing the nfl games until they stop all this foolishness. >> you had to know this was
5:48 pm
you had to know, maybe lose customer with this. >> yes. but not too extreme where it's gone and yesterday was on our facebook page and went very viral and it had a lot of hits. we actually turned it off because 95% was positive, but there were some on there that was personal. and attacked me and my family. >> what you are guys going to be showing on those -- especially on sunday instead of football >> are you ready for baseball. >> reporter: when it's not baseball >> ready for hockey? basketball. >> reporter: this is it? you've made this decision, you're not going to change your mind until >> until the nfl gets the grips and have their players respect the flag and our national anthem. >>reporter: thanks for talking to us about this. good luck for your bar. your business you've been there 35 years, i got to say this, this is controversial, there's folks in there now here because of what
5:49 pm
there's other folks saying do not put me on camera, i don't want anything to do with this. ok, so you can see guys back to you in the studio but very controversial but clearly ariel, it's his business, he can do what he wants >> thank you, gary. and let's talk about football. redskins quarterback kirk cousins name nfc offensive player of the week, cousins threw 365 rounds, this is the fourth time in cousins's career he's won offensive player of the week honor. >> still ahead, a lesson for local students they likely won't forget. >> they have the chance to talk to from millions of miles away. >> we have new details about several cases of swine flu at maryland fairs. what we're learning about those who got sick. >> later another dubious honor for the dc region, area now deemed the worst traffic hot spot in the country and there's a lot of you out there saying, no kidding. >> congratulations >> back after th
5:50 pm
i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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. skyfox over the scene of the shooting we've been telling you about in fairfax county. this is over the scene 8100 block of gate house road in the falls church area, one person died but this could have been a suicide situation. because of everything that went into it. they had to evacuate a nearby office building that was daycare inside as well. so precaution for everyone involved. you see a large area roped off. skyfox over the scene want to avoid that. happening over on gate house road near tell star court in falls church. we have an update on several cases of swine flu in maryland. the state health department said five people were infected after coming in contact with pigs at local fairs, they come from the anne arundel county and the great frederick fair, none of the victims are seriously ill or had to be put in the hospital. the maryland department of
5:54 pm
the great frederick fair are in isolation, and three from the frederick county fair have been placed on what is being called a hold. state health officials are investigating a case of swine flu out of the calvert county fair which left a little girl in the hospital after she had some contact with pigs there. we got good news for students in dc who use metro. the agency is extending the grace period for those who take metro to get to and from school under its kids ride free program. they must have a dc 1 card to take part. metro had previously said a cut-off date of october 2nd for students to have a valid card but they have now extended it until november 13th. another big distinction for dc area traffic. a traffic today firm has released a new study about the worst traffic hot spots in the country >> coming in at number one on the list, the northern virginia stretch of i95 south between fairfax county parkway and exit 133 in
5:55 pm
the study found that stretch averages 23 traffic jambs a day. of drivers lose an average of 33 minutes and in backups that are six and a half miles long overall the dc region ranked third in the you say behind los angeles and new york city. >> we're known for so many wonderful things. aren't we >> yet another one. >> stay with us, we'll be right back. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network?
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group of local students had quite the treat today and it was out of this world literally. >> i see what you did there, they had a chance to speak with an astronaut from space, he was on board the international space station as part of nasa's effort to make students more interested in math, science and engineering. >> pretty cool. the news is continuing now, here at 6:00. >> shawn yancy, marina marraco standing by for
5:59 pm
and begins now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, hate filled flyers found in american university tonight the picture of the suspect police want you to see as students question their safety. a deadly house fire in bethesda remained a mystery more than two weeks, tonight we finally know who was killed and more bizarre details of what was going on inside the house. in a prince george's county woman now been missing nine days. tonight the reward for her return home doubles. the news at 6:00 starts right now. we begin tonight with breaking news in fairfax county. >> police are on scene of a shooting in the 8100 block of gate house road in the falls church area, is live with the latest. tisha? >> reporter: it's going in and out. i'm hearing
6:00 pm
having technical difficulties. we apologize for the technical difficulties, these are live pictures right now from skyfox, we've been following this story all day, of my learned at least one person is dead as a result of a shooting here in the 8100 block of gate house road. this isn't falls church. police there does not appear to be threat to the public right now. they did evacuate an office building earlier again, we are press conference just wrapped up a short time ago. live images from skyfox over the scene, you can see there is a fire truck, other emergency crews are on the scene, looks like police are out a number of people witnesses are standing around to figure out what's going on here. as soon as we can get our tisha lewis back up live, we will go back to her live in falls church to get the latest on the shooting investigation in falls chu church. >> let's stay with scene right now again, this is the 8100 block of gate house road in the falls church area.


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